Chips & Gravy

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So for those that don’t know, I started out making tunes in the demoscene way back in the early 90s using tracker software. Although I basically rock Cubase these days, I still enjoy tracking and every now and then I’ll roll out some old school flavour. Here’s a bunch I’ve made =)

Same Great Taste! by caps_

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So no problemo, just play the demo..

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Realtime 4k demo released at Breakpoint 2009. This is not film or an animation, it’s a real-time 3D rendering, the entire thing being compressed in to an executable program a little under 4096 bytes.

And here we have a release from this years Breakpoint, a full blown demo collab between old school legends Fairlight and the mighty CNCD crew. Again, totally procedural content, hand coded, all generated in real time.

The demoscene. Kicking your computers ass since 1985.